The MediGO Solution

Built on a foundation of rigorous peer reviewed research, MediGO is a next-generation hardware and software platform designed to enhance organ transplantation through technology and communication.

Improving Efficiencies

There’s no denying that organ transplantation is one of the greatest innovations of modern medicine. MediGO aims to advance the field even further through, innovative improvements in transporting lifesaving organs to safeguard donors and recipients, while avoiding waste of hospital time and resources.

MediGO provides all key stakeholders improved logistics and transparency around organ shipments so that they can focus on improving patient care.


MediGo: Keeping the community connected
MediGo Improving inefficiencies

Keeping the community

Peer reviewed data suggests that transplant stakeholders—including Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs), couriers, surgeons, and support teams—need to know where organs are and when they will arrive in order to optimize outcomes. This enhancement improves trust and knowledge within the transplant supply chain, and provides both accountability and transparency in a complex system.

MediGO allows all stakeholders to track organs in real-time and communicate with each other on a centralized platform. As a result, patients receive organs of known quality, surgeons can plan better, and hospitals waste less time and money.


MediGo Improving inefficiencies

Collecting data for future innovation

By bringing together the entire transplant community, MediGO is generating actionable data that provides vital statistical information allowing the transplant community to make better and more informed decisions in the future.

The information collected, including temperature, vibration, and environmental factors, are collected with the goal of informing organ quality and eventually recipient outcomes. Further, MediGO’s unique approach creates an opportunity for open-source collaboration through high value data.


MediGo: Collecting data for future innovation

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MediGO has the potential to advance the entire transplantation field, from donors and families to surgeons and Organ Procurement Organizations. With full support of the community, we will generate the data necessary to inform critical research and better position the community for the future.