The intersection between Valentine’s Day, National Donor Day and Meet MediGO Monday!

Meet Janet-our emotionally tied Marketing Director

When looking at our industry calendar, our team was impressed that National Donor Day and Valentine’s Day were the same day. There had to be a reason, right? Then, we noticed that 2/14 was also on #MeetMediGO Monday this year. How could we tie all three together—our Marketing Director’s story!

Janet Kaplan came to MediGO in 2021 with a significant amount of health, wellness, and medical device experience. She created departments from scratch, worked globally with hospitals and locally creating a stress management company. That would be enough for most new medical companies, but not MediGO. MediGO needs people who are aligned with its purpose. Janet’s story exemplifies the mission of MediGO and is the intersection of Valentine’s Day and National Donor Day.

It all goes back to February 2001, when her mother-in-law desperately needed a kidney. At that time, her whole family was tested for blood and organ compatibility. The youngest Kaplan daughter was a match! So, she was flown into Baltimore where the family met with wonderful surgeons from Johns Hopkins University Hospital. On Valentine’s Day the double surgery was performed and both Kaplan members recuperated nicely under the caretaking of Janet and the extended family. What a perfect day to have National Donor Day.” My sister-in-law is our hero, even years later. Her sacrifice for love will forever be entrenched in Valentine’s Day,” she explains.

This is why MediGO’s mission means so much to Janet and why she is so passionate about the transplant industry. It is just a little personal! Her favorite part of her job is creating brand awareness and working with an incredible group of like-minded individuals, each striving for perfection.  It is bringing the brand to life in a way that is meaningful to all our internal and external customers. It is making the employees of the company proud and customers even prouder. David Castiglioni, MediGO CCO said, “We at MediGO are incredibly excited to have someone with Janet’s experience and skillset join our commercial efforts to change transplant for the better.”

Janet currently resides in Pikesville, MD with her husband, son, and family dog. In her spare time, she is planning a wedding for her oldest daughter, enjoys entertaining, and studying self-improvement techniques to help others on their journeys.

So- how does Valentine’s Day, National Donor Day and #MeetMediGO Monday all relate to each other? Through the strategic hire of our Marketing Director! We hope you get to meet her soon!