Reflecting on Two Years of Collaboration: Nevada Donor Network Says MediGO “Delivered”

This month, MediGO and Nevada Donor Network (NDN) are marking two exceedingly successful years of working together. The partnership, which first launched in December 2020, provided NDN’s network an essential and much-needed platform for its existing resources, improving organ transport transparency and donor-to-recipient timing for every donor organ in the system.

“We are pleased to report MediGO delivered on their core purpose of providing trust and confidence to thousands of people nationwide,” said Joe Ferreira, president and CEO of Nevada Donor Network. “Together, we’re building for the future and want to be a beacon for the OPO community, leading the way in technological innovation.”

When NDN teamed up with MediGO, it became the first innovation partner in the organ procurement organization (OPO) network to implement our flagship product: OPO Delivery Management, which provides real-time tracking and predictive estimated times of arrival for organ shipments.

In his own words, Elijah Graham, a procurement transplant coordinator at NDN, shares his experience with this solution.

When I began with Nevada Donor Network (NDN), I was new to the industry. I had just graduated from a master’s program in Ohio in Transplantation and Donation Sciences after a bachelor’s degree in Zoology and Neuroscience. I quickly learned that putting learned knowledge into practice was completely different from having the knowledge itself.

I had heard stories from others about their challenges using outdated transportation platforms in the donation industry. Time is an important commodity in donation, and transportation issues can lead to mistakes in transported kidney laterality or delivery instructions being missed. Each of those issues can cost precious time in a job where we are always racing the clock to ensure we honor a donor’s decision to give the gift of life. I was incredibly worried these issues would happen in the middle of the night – which is when I work.

Shortly after I started with NDN, we began our partnership with MediGO. I was able to watch my MediGO app to see exactly where donated organs were at every step of their journey. At any given moment, I could easily track them without having to contact the courier. The system was consistent and easy to use. Notifications were frequent and assuring. After a few uses, I was able to trust the process, knowing it was working and I would be able to loop every courier and medical team member into the tracking process in real time. Mistakes now have a chance to be caught sooner and reconciled before spiraling into a bigger issue. This is extremely helpful to everyone involved in something like organ donation, where so many processes are moving at once to facilitate a successful transplant.

Another thing that really impressed me about MediGO was their advocation specialist. She worked with our staff for weeks, attending multiple meetings with our department, learning NDN systems and training us to expertly interface with the two systems.

The breakthrough NDN-MediGO collaboration continues to move forward today and into the future. As a result, NDN is well-positioned to adapt to changes in the donation and transplant system, as donor service areas expand and new CMS performance metrics are adopted.

Over the past two years, MediGO has more than doubled its customer base, due, in large part, to the collaborative nature of its partnership with NDN. MediGO is grateful to NDN for being our first partner in our journey to deliver a higher level of quality, predictability and transparency in organ transportation logistics. To learn more about our innovative product suite, visit