Organ TeamLink™: An innovative solution designed with privacy in mind

Visualization management is key to making time-critical decisions in the field of organ donation and transplantation.

As an industry, we know organ procurement organizations that can visualize the location and availability status of their team members in the field can streamline their response to donor referrals to help increase access to lifesaving transplants, but while location sharing can result in improved outcomes, some have expressed privacy concerns. OPO team members are asking if visualization tools will show their whereabouts down to their home address or store aisle while on call.

MediGO took concerns such as these into mind as it collaborated with OPOs to design its Organ TeamLink™ software solution. The result of these efforts is a solution that optimizes referral response and addresses anxieties about location sharing by protecting the privacy of the user through:

  • On/Off Function: When not working or while on personal time, such as during a lunch break, OPO team members can simply turn off the location-sharing feature. OPO leadership can choose when to require location sharing.
  • Limited Access. OPO leadership can limit who can see the location of their team members in the field.
  • General Location Data. MediGO designed a location-sharing feature that provides only a general location, not an exact address.

Additionally, a teammate safety feature has been added to our highly secure and easy-to-use platform to alert OPO teams to a concern in the field, protecting both the team member and providing backup transportation for organs, when needed.

Mid-America Transplant, the St. Louis-based OPO serving parts of Missouri, Illinois and Arkansas, says it experienced results almost immediately after implementing Organ TeamLink as a visualization management tool. In one case, the organization received referrals from three hospitals that would typically be assigned to a single staff member.

“Because of Organ TeamLink, we were able to open a map, see where this team member was, and know that we could give her the first two referrals that were geographically closer to each other,” says Nicole Mullins, donor care unit manager at Mid-America Transplant. “We knew that we would have to deploy another team member to get to the third hospital in a timely manner.”

In a second scenario, Mid-America Transplant received two different referrals on separate floors of the same hospital.

“Our team member was onsite in a meeting, which we typically wouldn’t be able to see without sending a text message and waiting for a reply,” says Mullins. “Again, we were able to look at a map, see in one glance that our team member was at the hospital but not actively on a case and have confidence in sending both referrals directly to her through MediGO’s platform.”

By incorporating the location-sharing feature of Organ TeamLink, OPOs are making better-informed decisions about deployment and can better coordinate as each case progresses.

To learn more about Organ TeamLink and how its features can be custom designed to fit the needs of your organization, contact MediGO’s customer success team at