Meet Stephanie Pankow, Director of Customer Operations

One of MediGO’s longest-serving team members is also one of the first to welcome each new customer. Since joining MediGO in August 2020, Stephanie Pankow, director of customer operations, has overseen all customer-facing work.

Stephanie helps ensure MediGO’s partners receive the utmost value from our solutions by bringing new customers up to speed on the many features of our products through customized implementations, training and ongoing support. She also focuses on integrating customer feedback, sharing insights and data, and discussing best practices in the donation and transplantation industry.

“Stephanie has led MediGO’s customer success team to deliver several implementations and built incredibly strong relationships with new customers,” says Chetan Paydenkar, MediGO’s senior vice president of product and compliance. “Stephanie has helped our team meet several major milestones with many more to come as the company grows and matures. She is absolutely an integral member of the MediGO leadership team.”

Stephanie is a relationship builder, and she’s also a heartfelt supporter of the important work organ procurement organizations (OPOs), donor hospitals and transplant centers do every day to save and heal lives through donation and transplantation.

“I’ve been a steadfast supporter of organ donation since I was a child,” says Stephanie. “A family member needed an organ, and I learned firsthand what it takes to be listed for a transplant.”

“Our whole family hoped to see a perfect match, but unfortunately, that family member passed away while on the waitlist,” she continues. “It was that heartfelt experience that influenced me to go into the healthcare field.”

A native of Kentucky, Stephanie graduated from the University of Kentucky with a master’s degree in health care administration/management. She served as an administrative director at UPMC in Pittsburgh before joining Evolent Health, a health care company delivering clinical and administrative solutions to payers and providers, and then coming on board as one of MediGO’s earliest hires.

“I think the healthcare field is an excellent place for blending empathy with knowledge, and MediGO is a great place to put this belief into practice,” says Stephanie. “Our team is full of fascinating and impressive folks – active listeners who support our customers by re-imagining their needs into functioning solutions that really help their day-to-day operations. Because of this, our customers see themselves in our products.”

MediGO’s suite of products for the donation and transplantation industry increases transparency and visibility at every step of the transplant supply chain, from the initial organ donor referral to the successful transplant.

“I’m proud to see my company change lives for the better,” says Stephanie. “What we are delivering truly makes a difference.”

Like Stephanie Pankow, the MediGO team is comprised of forward-thinking and caring leaders who truly believe in our mission – revolutionizing the organ donation and transplantation process to save more lives. To learn more, visit