Meet Rachel Sharpe, MediGO’s Sales Manager

Rachel Sharpe has long had a deep connection to MediGO’s mission to increase access to lifesaving organs and tissue.

“I unexpectedly lost my fiancé during my senior year of college,” says Rachel. “Although the loss changed everything about my life, I was able to carry out his end-of-life wishes for donation.”

By donating his liver, her fiancé saved the life of another.

“It’s a beautiful feeling that I will never forget,” she says.

After moving on from Arizona State University, Rachel spent nearly a decade honing her sales and consulting skills at Paychex, a Fortune 500 company, but her donation experience stayed with her. As she explored the opportunity to work at MediGO, she felt genuinely moved by the idea of working directly with the donation and transplantation community.

“Because of my personal experience with donation, I truly understand the donor family side of the story, along with the incredible importance of OPOs and the transplant industry,” says Rachel.

Today, she helps end the wait for lifesaving organs through her work as MediGO’s sales manager.

“Rachel joined the sales team in the summer of 2022 and immediately rolled up her sleeves to learn about MediGO’s platform, solutions and our customers’ needs,” says Kim Coughlin, U.S. sales director at MediGO. “Her enthusiasm, energy and personal connection to the mission is evident, and we are very excited to have her.”

Rachel says the feeling is mutual, and this is just the beginning of her purpose-driven career at MediGO.

“I know that my work at MediGO today involves so much more than sales,” she says. “I am actually making a difference in an industry passionate about facilitating life-giving solutions.”

As she’s grown in her role, Rachel often recalls a saying she heard during her first week at MediGO.

“When you’ve seen one OPO, you’ve seen one OPO,” says Rachel. “I quickly realized that while OPOs share a common mission, they have different ways of going about things.”

“I’ve learned to listen hard when our customers talk about what they really need,” she adds. “I love figuring out how MediGO’s solutions can help support each OPO’s mission-driven workforce.”