Meet Nicole – MediGO’s Fabulous Senior Accountant

We are honored to have on our team an esteemed graduate of The Citadel. Nicole Roberson is accurate and precise with her numbers, and she has the most infectious smile! She joined MediGO in July of 2021 and has quickly become a great asset to our team. Previously, Nicole had experience in the utilities industry, which has helped her to transition to our innovative communications platform. What’s more, her KPMG experience has helped keep our balance sheets relevant and our sights on expansion. Her favorite part of her job is having the ability to use her talents in accounting and finance to help MediGo advance. And advance we have.

Nicole is a positive connection for our vendors and customers, while keeping everyone at MediGO on budget. She enjoys her pivotal role at our growing company.

“I like working for MediGo because I believe in our mission, and I know we are preparing to change the world in a profound way.”

Our team is united in our mission, “To care for the journey of every life critical resource in the world.” And yes, we are changing the world in a profound way. Bob Kalchthaler, CFO says, “Since coming on board, Nicole has helped the company to grow through her expertise and dedication. Her positive attitude shines when dealing with our internal and external customers.”

Originally from Charleston, SC, Nicole currently resides in Gaithersburg, MD with her puppy Bew-Bear. She is an avid reader, as many of the MediGO team. Perhaps she will one day lead a company book club.

Nicole, thank you for all you do!

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