Meet Abraham–Senior Director of Product Development

To showcase MediGO’s dedicated staff, we are proud to introduce you to Abraham Ibrahim Jr., our senior director of product development. He is a critical player in the development of the Scoutline™ group of product solutions, and you can thank him when product updates make your life easier. As a former software engineer, Ibrahim is the perfect person to explain how Scoutline™ works, and enjoys translating your ideas into credible product revisions. He brings customers’ visions to reality with an easygoing demeanor and a warm smile.

Ibrahim is a visionary leader who is passionate about improving transplant outcomes and making a difference in the healthcare industry. He has a unique ability to identify industry trends and customer needs, and to develop products that meet those needs. His product development expertise and healthcare industry knowledge have made him a valuable addition to the MediGO team.

Ibrahim is leading MediGO’s product development for the entire suite of solutions digitizing the MediGO healthcare supply chain. He works closely with a talented team including internal members from engineering, design, sales and customer success; as well as customers and other healthcare stakeholders who contribute ideas to help bring these products to market.

He is pursuing an executive MBA from the Wharton School of Business, focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation. Ibrahim lives in the Baltimore area where he enjoys hiking, reading, writing and cooking, and, of course, watching his favorite European football team Manchester United.

At MediGO, Abraham is helping to shape the future of the healthcare supply chain industry, and his contributions will undoubtedly have a lasting impact.