Meet Abraham- Product Manager Extraordinaire

To showcase MediGO’s dedicated staff, we are proud to introduce you to Abraham Ibrahim, Jr. He is MediGO’s amazing product manager. He is a key player in the creation of the Scoutline™ group of products. You can thank him when product upgrades make your life easier. As a former software engineer, he is the perfect person to explain how Scoutline™ works and he can translate your ideas into credible product revisions. With an easy-going demeanor and warm smile, he brings your visions to reality.

Abraham joined MediGO just a short time ago and, as he says, “has done ten years of work in just two months.” He was very deliberate in joining MediGO, as his passion is in healthcare. The organ transplant industry gives his work a sense of purpose and the best part of his job is solving your challenges. His gift is being the liaison between the customer and engineering departments. Abraham works extensively with the engineering team and reports to Paul Summers, MediGO’s VP of Product Strategy. “Abraham has been an invaluable resource and we are so glad that he joined our team,” states Summers.

Abraham has a degree in chemistry and an MBA from Lagos Business School. He lives in Washington, DC, enjoys hiking, writing, cooking, and is an avid soccer fan. We hope you get to meet him soon.