MediGO’s customer success team takes pride in helping to elevate your mission

Pictured left to right: Anthony Hogan, Pailah Kolleh, Stephanie Pankow, Justine Heimbuch

Superior customer success teams help businesses stand out from the competition. Quality customer service not only adds value to relationships but also helps companies achieve their shared goals.

MediGO knows that when we serve our partners well, more lives are saved as a result. To that end, we’ve built a customer success team dedicated to making sure priorities align to transform the transplant supply chain, leading to more successful outcomes.

Our customer success team works 365 days a year to engage in communications and logistics awareness to fit your unique processes and personnel needs. “We coordinate with our partners to determine best practices as we drive a dedicated approach to providing innovative solutions for our clients,” says Anthony Hogan, customer success manager at MediGO.

What does our dedication to customer success mean for your team?

MediGO’s customer success team takes a customized approach to learning your unique processes. We believe true customer success starts with a thorough review of your clinical processes and systems of operation to identify what solutions will benefit your organization. As Hogan notes, “That’s because our end goal is the same as yours – saving more lives.”

We challenge ourselves to help you determine the appropriate solutions to provide the best outcomes for your clinical teams. This process often starts with face-to-face meetings, and MediGO encourages any OPO department to join the initial discussions. Our team wants to ensure that all stakeholders are provided with centralized communication and real-time ETAs for personnel and lifesaving organs. It’s a highly collaborative process, which is customized to the donor hospitals and transplant centers you serve while taking into consideration your unique staffing challenges.

Once our customer success team understands the challenges you’re facing, we can incorporate your feedback to adapt MediGO’s solutions to your OPO’s workflow. Our team then gets to work launching tools and implementing processes that help you and your partners honor your mission to save lives through donation and transplantation. “We shift gears as needed to make sure you get the most out of our technology,” says Hogan.

Indiana Donor Network, one of the nation’s 57 OPOs, says MediGO delivers confidence, not only through its suite of products but also through its onboarding process and dedicated customer service. “MediGO’s team answered the questions we came up with and ensured that we had enough trackers to start while continuously monitoring our supply,” says Jeff Hare, manager of organ profusion operations at Indiana Donor Network. “I can’t say enough about this experience with MediGO.”

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