MediGO & The Alliance – a shared mission to save lives through organ donation and transplantation

The Organ Donation and Transplantation Alliance, often referred to as The Alliance, exists to partner with leading organizations to advance a shared mission to save lives through organ donation and transplantation.

As a proud partner, MediGO supports all that The Alliance does to improve equity in organ donation and transplantation and address the impact of issues related to:

  • regulatory shifts
  • economic challenges
  • staffing pressures
  • rapid pace of technological innovations

In addressing these and other issues, The Alliance takes the stance that “radical collaboration” is the key to improving the exchange of expertise across the healthcare continuum. A situational analysis that took place as part of the organization’s 2021 strategic planning process resulted in “community collaboration” becoming one of The Alliance’s four strategic pillars, with a related strategic plan goal being “to enhance collaborative leadership opportunities to improve donation and transplantation practices.”

To this end, The Alliance delivers relevant, targeted and scalable learning solutions for the organ donation and transplantation community – including organ procurement organizations (OPOs), transplant centers and programs, and hospitals where donations occur. By convening members across the community of practice, The Alliance helps identify emerging concepts, as well as innovative practices, resources, and programs of transformational quality and value.

MediGO is better and stronger for being a part of this collaborative network. Since the start of our partnership with The Alliance, we have taken the opportunity to introduce many of the industry’s thought leaders to our suite of products designed to transform the donation and transplantation supply chain, from the initial organ referral to the successful organ transplant.

These leaders, in turn, are graciously providing feedback that allows us to ensure MediGO’s solutions work better for those on the front lines of organ donation and transplantation and, ultimately, help save more lives.

“Since the beginning, our vision for MediGO has been to revolutionize the organ donation and transplantation process. By increasing transparency and visibility throughout an organ’s journey from procurement to transplant.  We are bringing a collaborative and innovative approach to solve complex logistics challenges,” says Scott Plank, co-founder and CEO of MediGO. “We are highly focused on listening to the experiences of our users and industry partners, and believe this will result in a better platform and a stronger impact on the overall network. It is a privilege to help this community save time, money and improve the quality of the gift of life. Together, we can save more lives.”

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