MediGO supports those working to make air transport safer and more efficient

For years, aviation services have been an integral part of operations for organ procurement organizations. In a field where every second counts, OPOs are tasked with working alongside commercial and charter airlines to ensure each organ donor’s gift of life is transported to recipients as safely and as quickly as possible.

Increasingly, companies and organizations across the country are stepping up to help OPOs make transplant aviation safer and more efficient. The team at MediGO salutes these air travel providers for their efforts, which will help increase the number of lives saved through organ donation and transplantation. The growing list of those focused on saving lives through aviation innovation include:


With a nationwide private air charter fleet, as well as commercial flight coordination, NORA provides one-call solutions for air and ground organ transportation nationwide.


As the country’s largest transplant transport organization with over 30 years combined experience in donation and transplantation, Trinity’s specialized transplant logistics coordinators provide OPOs and transplant centers with an exceptional experience while offering a fleet of dedicated aircraft and vehicles to ensure organs are safely and quickly transported to those waiting on the gift of life.


The first medical company in the world to receive the ARGUS Registered designation, TTSI brings over two decades of experience in this specialized field to serve the needs of hospitals, transplants centers and OPOs.


With a focus on safety, efficiency, and reliability, and its expert knowledge of the donation and transplantation process, TxJet, a subsidiary of Indiana Donor Network, supports the country’s OPOs and transplant centers.

MediGO is proud to work alongside OPOs, transplant centers and aviation services, such as these, to further optimize organ transportation and bring peace of mind to the transplant process. Our tracking capabilities ensure that no matter how far an organ travels, OPOs and transplant centers can monitor the journey, from start to finish, with ease.

MediGO’s solutions provide complex ETAs and precise location data, whether you’re tracking organ shipments or coordinating with recovery teams. Transplant centers using MediGO’s Recovery TeamLink™ also have the ability for OR teams, who are preparing a transplant recipient for surgery, to communicate directly with recovery teams in transit – leading to a better coordination of patient care.

Easily accessible on the MediGO app, our solutions help all stakeholders shift gears as needed to fit each unique situation. To learn more about MediGO and its suite of products designed specifically for the organ transplant process, visit