MediGO supports OPOs during the organ donation process

We’re quite literally all in the business of organ donation and transplantation together. Each stakeholder in the transplant process is essential to achieving successful outcomes. Support received during the initial referral and donor triage has benefits down the line, as it allows OPOs to make vital decisions and respond onsite with confidence.

As organ procurement organizations know all too well, the clock begins ticking as soon as hospitals identify and refer a potential organ donor. As OPOs can often receive several referrals from different donor hospitals at once, collecting information is a vital step in the process.

OPOs then jump into action, responding onsite to the hospital and obtaining additional clinical information to further evaluate donation potential. This additional clinical information necessary to determine suitability for organ donation may come in the form of diagnostic testing, EMR reviews and laboratory testing. An OPO’s goal is to evaluate all testing that is underway, as well as clinical information, and determine potential for donation as soon as possible.

Miraculously, OPOs navigate this type of testing and monitoring process across hundreds of hospitals on a daily basis to facilitate lifesaving organ transplants.

Diagnostic tests prevent unintentional disease transmission to transplant recipients and ensure only suitable organs are allocated. Without the dedication of the OPO teams and hospital partners who schedule and conduct them, lives could not be saved.

Still, the process can sometimes stress OPO and hospital personnel due to the timing and frequency of testing needed. The around-the-clock nature of the transplant process often means calling in staff overnight, on their days off or after hours. It can also involve the donor hospital needing to request supplies for a specific test from a larger hospital.

Thankfully, through persistent hospital development efforts and partner support, the process continues to become more collaborative. Together, these organizations save lives each and every day.

MediGO values its partnerships with OPOs, who lead the way in accomplishing diagnostic testing in order to save lives. We know the work that goes into collaborating with hospital partners, honoring organ donors and providing support for donor families, and we’re proud to support OPOs with tracking availability for samples and specimens following blood draws and organ/tissue biopsies during this crucial step of the transplant process.

MediGO was developed to get right to the bottom line – working in tandem with you to provide better outcomes – with less stress and strain along the way. To learn more about our mission and our products designed for the donation and transplantation industry, visit