Living Our Brand

A brand is a hard-to-manage ideal in an ever-changing world. The phrase “living the brand” means every aspect of an organization is aligned with what the organization believes it stands for. Living the brand is challenging. Every time a new employee enters your company, your brand must stand tall to ensure its ideals are not moved by the new entrant. Additionally, as the world changes, companies must continually evaluate whether the brand tenets are still relevant. Branding is a never-ending, soul-searching function of each company.

What does it look like when every part of the operation is aligned with the brand? If your brand stands for sustainability initiatives, your operational items might include installing EV chargers in the parking lot, emailing vendors payments instead of printing checks, investing in LED lights, limiting single-use plastic bottles and supporting eco-friendly local non-profits. Or, if your brand essence is to help harried executives dress better, faster – you might save them time by ensuring your catalog is easily accessible online, arranging appointments at their facilities, and enlisting a variety of vendors to help with alterations, cleaning and repair.

When a company does not live its brand, misalignment occurs. It creates confusion among employees and weakens the brand’s overall strength. Continual evaluation and investment in brand communications are key to long-term success.

MediGO’s tagline is “Confidence Delivered.” The essence of this brand is to provide peace of mind that you can do your job better because MediGO is on the job with you. Our innovation is meant to provide you with insights to make better decisions as it relates to saving lives. Our technology is meant to provide you with tools to reduce friction points in getting an organ from referral to recovery to transplant faster and more reliably than before. Our people are here to answer questions and ensure you have access to expertise as if you had an in-house consultant.

We’ve made strategic choices on personnel, industry partnerships, solutions deployments and technology investments to align our operations with opportunities in the market and ensure we live our brand. We are a supply chain technology company, and we want to partner with you to transform the organ donation and transplantation process. Our team lives and breathes this brand so that one day soon, we can stand with you and celebrate an end to the waitlist as we know it. Together, we can save more lives. Thank you for allowing us in your corner.