How we can work together to re-direct siloed communication and save more lives

In business, an “organizational silo” refers to the isolation that can occur when employees, departments and even industry partners cannot, or do not, share information with each other in a timely and effective way.

When your business is related to the transportation of non-perishable items, siloed communication within a supply chain can result in delays in getting resources to their final destinations. That costs a company time and money and can impact end-customer satisfaction and loyalty.

When siloed communication results in delays for the organ donation and transplantation process, lives themselves are at stake. If we can decrease delays in transportation, we can increase an organ’s viability, which adds years to the life of a typical transplant recipient. Additionally, decreasing delays can help cut costs involved with the booking of busy operating rooms, transplant surgeons and all related staff.

So how do we improve the system?

  • Centralize the communication required to ship lifesaving organs from donor hero to transplant recipient.
  • Collaboratively communicate information regarding transportation timing and delays of lifesaving organs with all stakeholders.
  • Collect and provide real-time information to optimize situational insights related to each step of an organ’s journey.

Applying common communication standards and digitizing them across the organ transplant process helps unite all stakeholders to meet shared goals, such as saving more lives. And this – is precisely what MediGO is all about.

MediGO’s platform is designed to eliminate silos by providing up-to-date information, minute-by-minute, hand-off to hand-off. By keeping everyone on the same page and reducing miscommunication, MediGO provides end-to-end visibility and agility throughout an organ’s journey.

MediGO’s breakthrough technologies provide precise control, assuring every person or organization involved in the supply chain process can move from reactive to proactive actions.

That saves everyone involved in every step of the transplant process – time, energy, miscommunication, re-booking, rescheduling, and lastly and most importantly, allows them to stay focused on saving more lives.

The ground-breaking suite of MediGO products simplifies supply chain logistics from organ referral to successful transplant, bringing together each important stakeholder.

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