Delivering confidence in the management of organ recovery teams

When teams of superheroes are saving lives on the big screen, they’re typically connected by some form of centralized communication – and for good reason.

When tasked with saving the world, a superhero can’t afford to waste time and risk misunderstanding with inefficient communication. It’s hard to imagine the Avengers awaiting responses to individual emails, phone calls and text messages before making vital decisions.

Similarly, there are consequences of asynchronous communication for real-life superheroes who are saving lives on the front lines of organ donation and transplantation. Since the beginning of MediGO, we’ve worked to eliminate this vulnerability by unifying stakeholders as part of our mission to deliver confidence with every organ shipment.

MediGO’s latest software solution, known as Recovery TeamLink™, hones in on the organ recovery teams that are responsible for coordinating organ recovery and transportation logistics. While these teams work relentlessly on everything from fielding organ offers to safely transporting organs to transplant centers, they also spend precious time and energy duplicating efforts to relay information to different recipients across multiple channels.

Recovery TeamLink streamlines the organ recovery process by providing:

  • Industry-leading location status to help transplant centers, organ procurement organizations (OPOs) and donor hospitals visualize transplant recovery teams on the ground and in the air.
  • Secure messaging between recovery teams and all subscribed stakeholders, couriers and pilots on a centralized channel.
  • Complex ETAs for better handoffs from returning recovery teams.
  • Smart notifications of arrivals or unexpected delays.
  • Insightful dashboards that centralize data to optimize the organ recovery process.

Within the MediGO platform, teams preparing a transplant candidate for surgery can communicate directly with recovery team members, see their location status and access their ETA, leading to improved collaboration in the scheduling of transplant surgeries and better coordination of patient care.

For the first time in the history of the industry, its superheroes can synchronize communication across departments, organizations and modes of transportation to save more lives through donation and transplantation.

As partners in digital transformation, MediGO continues to introduce new solutions designed specifically for the donation and transplantation industry. Learn more and schedule a demo.