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MediGO Cares

MediGO cares about the transplant community and supports causes that align with our mission to help save lives through organ transplantation.

Stepping Stones is a Baltimore, MD organization that supports transplant patients through their entire journey. In 2008, the transplant social workers at Johns Hopkins Hospital developed the Stepping Stones Transplant Patient Assistance Fund. This fund assists adult and pediatric patients who have received a heart, lung, liver, kidney and/or pancreas transplant at Johns Hopkins. As people recover from their transplant surgery and try to get back on their feet, many patients and their family members/caregivers find themselves losing time from work. At the same time, they have to find a way to manage increased expenses from medical costs, travel to appointments, parking, etc. This adds stress to an already stressful situation. Stepping Stones has been able to alleviate some of that burden.

Join us to support

The Stepping Stones program

Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Transplant Center team members invite the community to help support transplant patient families with expenses such as gas cards, parking vouchers, grocery gift cards and other related expenses to help ease patients’ worries and concerns. 100% of all funds donated or raised for Stepping Stones go directly to patient support.


Association of Organ Procurement Organization

AOPO leads the nation’s organ donation process through advocacy, education and innovation. Our team supports the vision of 50,000 lifesaving transplants by 2026 and stands with donation leaders to improve efficiency and increase access to the organ donation process. AOPO has outlined their goals of expanded collaboration, reduced health inequity and increased organ utilization – all of which are supported by MediGO’s technology. We are proud to be leading the logistics conversation with partners working to digitally transform the donation process. MediGO is working to increase transparency and access from referral to recovery. Interested in learning more about AOPO’s 2026 initiative?