Mid-America Transplant Embraces MediGO’s Technology to Visualize the Impact of an Organ Donor

In a 24-hour period, from September 20 – 21, Mid-America Transplant supported four organ donors who provided 10 life savings organ transplants. These 10 organs were transplanted in Chicago, Iowa, St. Louis, and Tennessee.

The MediGO team would like to take a moment to praise Mid-America Transplant for their utilization of the MediGO platform and tracking devices. Mid-America Transplant is the first MediGO customer to use Scoutline to track attended and unattended organs other than Kidneys.

It is common knowledge that one donor can save up to eight lives but being able to physically see this on a map speaks for itself.  When Scoutline displayed that one person donated four of their organs, and those organs traveled in four different directions to save the lives of four individuals, it was a moment of great understanding and a pat on the back for the entire MediGO and Mid-America Transplant teams.

Our team works hard every day towards this outcome; working with our customers and tailoring our product to deliver a seamless organ tracking process. MediGO utilization goes beyond our customers simply using our platform. It is a visual depiction of the paths donated organs take to save recipients. It is a demonstration of the time this process takes and a first look into areas that could be improved. Most importantly, it is lives saved.

It is moments like these when the MediGO team collectively feels a sense of fulfillment in our day-to-day work and for that we thank Mid-America Transplant for choosing us.