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About Us

Saving Lives with Innovation
& Logistics


Digitally transforming donation and transplantation workflows

MediGO is digitally transforming donation and transplantation workflows to increase organ utilization and save more lives. Our technology optimizes complex logistics from referral to recovery and during the critical movement of organs and teams.

The MediGO product portfolio enhances efficiency in procurement by digitally transforming workflows and delivering insights through customizable reports and real-time data. Additionally, the information is delivered within the customer’s EMR of choice through API-based integrations.


To care for the journey of every life critical resource in the world.

Our Vision

To eliminate the world’s organ wait-list.

Our Story

The genesis of MediGO dates back to 2018 when our co-founder and renowned transplant surgeon Joseph Scalea, MD, noticed an unmet need for transparency in organ shipment delivery in the United States. This need was further validated through market research that included all 58 OPOs.

MediGO was incorporated in 2020 to care for the journey of all lifesaving organs and has rapidly grown to be an industry-leading platform for organ supply chain and logistics across the U.S. Our proprietary technology not only breaks down silos within and across organizations but also helps increase the supply of organs annually so that we can eliminate the waiting list for organs once and for all.


Business Intelligence

MediGO data analytics delivers insights into supply chain and team workflows that enable OPOs and transplant centers to drive performance improvements. This can range from identifying logistics bottlenecks to opportunities related to reducing procurement response times.

We work with your teams to build custom business intelligence (BI) dashboards. MediGO has an innovative combination of hardware and software that increases transparency and delivers insights based on data.

Equipped with industry leading software and the MediGO Centry Tracker hardware, MediGO’s solutions are tracking and providing visibility to more than half of the nation’s kidneys recovered for transplant.