5 Ways MediGO’s Solution Cracked the Code for Organ Tracking

By Kyle Mulka & Chetan Paydenkar

There is a plethora of tracking solutions in the market that are applied towards a diverse set of applications across industries today. So what differentiates the MediGO platform?

MediGO is the only platform that seamlessly connects the hardware and software components to deliver a rich user experience across the transplantation continuum. Here are five factors that differentiate MediGO from other tracking solutions:

1. GPS Tracking Data is Integrated with Flight Data

This gives us the ability to marry in-box GPS tracking capabilities with flight data in order to get a better view of the entire journey an organ takes from donor to recipient hospital. We have gone to great lengths to enable more accurate ETAs, factor in flight delays, and account for unexpected traffic along the journey. In short, the platform does more than just tracking.


2. Uses Multiple Sources of Data

We use multiple sources of data to track the position of organs that are then seamlessly combined in our software to give you the best visibility into organ transplant logistics.



3. End-to-end Visibility

The handoffs between ground and air transportation can be tricky. However, we have seamlessly integrated flight activity to provide end-to-end visibility. This section of the journey has always been a blind spot while tracking an organ. To provide complete visibility, MediGO integrated flight tracking capabilities with trip-related notifications on a real-time basis. As a result, subscribers to a trip are actively informed of flight cancelations, delays, diverted flights due to weather or other conditions and missed flights. This same information is then used to continuously calculate and update intermediate ETAs, send critical notifications, and ultimately assist in managing the potential impact to Cold Ischemic Time (CIT) of the organ.


4. Optimized Courier to Organ Connection Time

Finally, there are the “edge cases” that we have handled recently: Flights delayed over 2 hours. Tracker detection across broad landscapes. GPS signal blocking, layover-related challenges, and many more. MediGO has tested and accounted for these edge cases, the result is seamless tracking.


5. Built for the OPO Industry by the OPO Industry

MediGO was built after speaking with all 57 OPOs. Our previous blog covered the rich history and genesis of the company. Rather than building a solution that is a mile wide across industries and an inch deep in meeting needs, MediGO is a platform that is an inch wide and a mile deep in fulfilling the unmet needs of OPOs. In short, we are dedicated to the transplant industry and the transformation of organ logistics as it has been known.

These are just a few of the ways that the MediGO platform is superior and differentiated from existing solutions. Want to know more? Request a demo of our platform here and discover how we can collectively transform organ logistics together.